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DIY Herbal Tea Bath Tutorial and Labels

Posted on April 10 2018

Herbal Tea Bath Printable Labels

Have you ever tried an herbal tea bath?
If not, I am about to change your life! Did you know that is really easy to custom make your own herbal tea baths to fill your bathroom with heavenly aroma?

You can custom make herbal and essential oil blends to suit your personal tastes, as well as address any problems. You can make a de-stressing and relaxing tea, a skin softening or astringent (tightening) tea, a tea to clear the head, a tea to promote a relaxing and easy sleep – wow! It really is a wonderful practice to get into!

Steeping your body in fragrant, healing herb water is a wonderful, mindful act of self-care. Creating your own custom blends is special and satisfying. It’s also a very thoughtful gift that you can give, especially if you use some home grown herbs as well.

Why not create the whole experience for yourself? With your custom made herbal tea bath, some Epsom salts, candles, soothing music, truly nurturing and as I said – life changing! So, here is what you need to set yourself on the path to bath time bliss! I warn you now, it’s totally addictive!

Your Tea Bath Supplies:

  • Muslin or cheesecloth, cut into 20 x 20cm squares
  • Twine cut into 25cm lengths
  • Printable Tags (Download)
  • 3-4 different dried herbs of your choice (I used  Rosemary, Echinacea, Lavender and Peppermint)
  • 1-2 essential oils of your choice 


  1. Measure a heaped tablespoon of each herb - I used Rosemary, Echinacea, Lavender and Peppermint.
  2. Place in middle of the Muslin square
  3. Add 3-4 drops of essential oil* - if you are using two different essential oils, use 2 drops of each.
  4. Pick up each corner and bring to the centre. Twist the fabric and wrap twine around 2-3 times to secure. Tie a knot. Thread tag through. Tie another knot and trim twine and fabric if necessary.

Herbal Tea Bath Labels Supplies

Herbs on muslin cloth ready to make a herbal tea bag for the bath

Adding essential oils to the herbs

DIY Herbal Tea Bath in Muslin

Wrapping of Herbal Tea Bath Bag

Herbal Tea Bath Bag with twine threaded and label


* Note:  Essential oils are optional. I used corresponding essential oils of two of the dried herbs, namely Lavender and Rosemary but you can choose any that you think would complement your herbal tea bath. 

The tea bath can either be hung just below the tap, so that when you run the bath, the water runs through the herbs and oils. Or, you can toss the tea bath into the water when you start running the bath, and give the bag a gentle squeeze or two once you are in.

Like I said, once you start and you realise how many gorgeous variations there are, and how many niggling ailments can be quickly put to rest by a gentle, pleasant and nautral herbal tea bath, you will be COMPLETELY hooked, and ready to make up wonderful mixes for your friends and family.

Here are Some More Herbal Tea Bath Ideas:

  • In addition to your tea bath, add 1 or 2 cups of Epsom salts to your bath water, for a soak that will ease tired muscles, soothe muscle cramp, add much-needed magnesium to your body via the skin and promote a super restful night’s sleep. You’ll feel like a new person in the morning – it’s wonderful!
  • Add some oatmeal to your tea bath bag or directly into the water for a treatment that softens the skin.
  • Did you know that the lactic acid in milk softens skin and boosts radiance? Add a cup or two of full fat milk to make the water go cloudy and boost skin softness at the same time. I told you this was a lot of fun!
  • Try rose petals and lavender for an aromatic floral relaxation experience.
  • Calendula and chamomile is soothing and softens skin
  • Sage and lemon balm can clear the head
  • Hops and hyssop promotes a restful sleep
  • Jasmine flowers and lemon peel leave skin gorgeously fragranced as well as ease stress.


Download the Printable Labels Here

Herbal Tea Bath Tutorial and Free Printable Labels


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