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Daily Intention Cards - Set of 31 Cards

R 200.00

Product Details

A set of 31 daily intention cards with inspiring messages to focus your attention and energy on. Includes a mini laser cut wooden stand to place your cards on.

Behaviour change begins with awareness followed by intention. Setting an intention each morning can help you to create those changes by bringing these messages front of mind.

Where your attention goes your energy flows, so by setting your mind on a firm intention, you are more likely to act on that intention throughout your day. 


The Cards are packaged in tissue paper and come with this laser cut wooden stand so that your intentions are visible and accessible. 

To Use:

Select a card from the pack each day or choose the ones that resonate most with you at this point in time.  Each morning, repeat the intention several times to yourself whilst also imagining yourself carrying out that intention.  

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