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Set of 30 Mindfulness Cards and Namaste Meditation Oil Roll-On

R 350.00

Product Details

Raise your vibrations and generate an inner sense of peace and calm with this set of 30 Mindfulness Cards and Namaste Oil Roll-On. 

Each of the 30 mindfulness cards are unique and present an activity, challenge, affirmation or meditation to do each day. By bringing full awareness to the words or activity at hand, one starts to cultivate a daily practice of mindfulness. 

Namasté Meditation Oil Roll-On, offers a ready-to-use, intentional blend of smooth, grounding essential oils for a meditation of your choice as well as a prompt for presence. The scent is intended to bring you back to the here and now, back to your breath - especially when one feels stressed, overwhelmed, fearful or anxious. 

Sweet Almond Oil, Essential oils of; Frankincense, Amyris, Labdanum, Fir Needle and Lavender.

The scent is smooth and earthly deep yet subtle and uplifting, perfect for stilling the mind and refreshing the soul.

The Mindfulness Cards come neatly packaged in a Botanical Buddha screen printed drawstring bag for safekeeping, whilst the oil is packaged in an 11ml (0.37 fl oz) roll-on glass bottle with screw top lid. 

To Use:
Mindfulness Cards:
Choose one card each day for 30 days ~ the suggested activity could be an affirmation, a mini project or a meditation. Try bring full awareness to the words or activity at hand. Note the essence of your mind before, during and after the activity. How did it feel? Go through the cards at your own pace and incorporate the activities that resonate with you, into your daily routine.

Meditation Oil Roll-On: Simply roll onto your wrists or temples and inhale the subtle grounding scents. Re-apply as necessary.

Mindfully Made:
All products are mindfully handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. The Botanical Buddha line of products were formulated with nature in mind so you can be rest assured that our products are free from parabens, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours or scents. 

Before starting regular use of the product it is always recommended to test a small quantity on a patch of skin to determine if any sensitivities or allergies arise. Please stop the product immediately should any irritation occur. 

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