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Cotton Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Tea - Pack of 6

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These reusable, 100% cotton tea bags have so many benefits! Their eco-friendliness is right up there! They are fully biodegradable and 100% safe to use. They also help us out with getting into the habit of re-using things, which is an eco-friendly practice in itself.

What's more, tea lovers insist that brewing loose leaf tea in a cotton tea bag really helps you to taste and experience the full and subtle flavours of loose leaf teas.These bags can also be used in cooking too - for stewing herbs and spices into broths, stock or soups.

Care Instructions:
Simply hand or machine wash and hang to dry when you need to. Be the eco-warrior tea aficionado!

6.5 cm x 6.5 cm

6 tea bags in a pack.

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